About Us
Crafting the future of Fashion

Who are we?

D8 is a high-end fashion company specializing in creating limited clothing pieces connected with the blockchain network & Augmented Reality.

When you buy one of our NFT’s you will receive physical clothing pieces which will be connected with Augmented Reality through Instagram Filters.

How do we work?

Each Month, we are dropping limited edition NFT’s which are connected with the physical copy of the T-Shirt

After the t-shirt arrives the Augmented Reality Experience on the t-shirt can be unclocked by using our AR Filters on Instagram.


Our limited edition NFT’s are published throughout the marketplaces. When you purchase an NFT you can resell it, trade it or hold it for 6 weeks. After that, if you still own an NFT you are eligible to receive a D8 Clothing Piece by providing the details of the size & the address.


You will receive a clothing piece corresponding to your choosing size, physical print of the NFT as well as some other goodies in the bag to show our support for the customers.

Augmented Reality

Physical T-Shirt is connected with the Augmented Reality experience within our Instagram & Snapchat Profiles. When you point the camera with the filter to the digital art on the t-shirt the experience will trigger. Every month new AR Filters for the t-shirts will be available.

FAQ & Facts

NFT Publishing

Where will NFT’s be published?

Our upcoming & first drop is set to be published on soon be announced marketplace. Further collaborations and drops will be announced prior to the release.


How does resell of the NFT’s Work?

When you buy our NFT you can to whatever you want, resell it, trade it or hold it for 6 weeks. After 6 weeks if you are the owner of the NFT you will get a chance to redeem a physical t-shirt with the Augmented Reality Technology on the t-shirt.

Physical Resell

Can I resell the t-shirt with/without the NFT.

After the t-shirt is shipped to the owner of the NFT the owner has full rights to resell the t-shirt over 3rd party resell sites be that with the NFT or without.

Augmented Reality

How does Augmented Reality work?

AR Experiences are available on our official Instagram profile & they are connected with the main digital art on the t-shirt you can activate AR Experience by pointing the camera to the front digital print of the t-shirt.


Artists & Brand Collaboration Opportunities.

Want to collaborate with us? Send us an email on d8@d-8.xyz.


Irina Kostina – Feeling of Art (CC Attribution)

Marble Torso from a statue of Dionysos (CC Attribution)

Etherium – Akimovcg (CC Attribution)