AR x Web3 x Fashion

THE D-8.XYZ is a High – End streetwear and collectibles brand connecting the worlds of Web3 and Augmented Reality. 

Step into the contemporary worlds of luxury, collectibles and fashion. 


  • Phygital

    Digital Streetwear and Collectibles NFT's which can be forged to physical copy.

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  • Virtual

    Virtual Streetwear and Collectibles NFT's living the Metaverse

    Digital fashion and collectible pieces which explore the self-expression and individuality throughout the worlds of Sandbox, Decentraland, VRChat, Somnium Space. 

  • Digital Augmented Reality

    Digital pieces untouched by creativity and seen through the Augmented Reality.

    Digital pieces which can be seen with Augmented Reality and worn IRL. Exploring the concepts of sustainability and fashion wearables without the materials.