Who? What? & Why?

THE D-8.XYZ is a high-end fashion and collectibles company located in Zagreb, Croatia specializing in creating limited digital and physical pieces connected with NFT's and or Augmented Reality.

Our products are divided into three main categories:

1. Physical Clothing ✌

Physical Clothing connected with Augmented Reality through Instagram Filters. When you purchase the physical clothing on the website you can scan the pieces with Augmented Reality through our official Instagram Account. Bringing the digital to the physical world.

2. Digital & Physical Collectibles 🤖

Digital & Physical connects the physical and digital worlds. We are creating and developing digital fashion & collectibles within the blockchain network (NFT’S) which you can redeem for a physical copy after certain amount of time.

2. Virtual Collectibles Ξ

Virtual Collectibles live within the metaverse on a blockchain network. These are virtual clothing and collectible pieces available for purchase through NFT marketplaces. 

How do we work?


Is the shipping free?

World-Wide Shipping is free.

Where is the AR Filter located?

AR Filters are located on our official Instagram profile. @d8.xyz

Where can I see how the AR looks?

We have a lot of previews and shoots on our official instagram (@d8.xyz) You can also see it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cq9BRfmTKUo

How does the AR Work on Physical?

When pointing the camera with the filter on the t-shirt AR recognizes the design of the t-shirt and displays AR accordingly.

How does the AR Work on Sneakers?

When purchasing the NFT for the sneakers holders get the Snapchat AR link which enables them to wear the sneakers IRL through Augmented Reality.

Where can NFT's be purchased?

NFT's can be purchased through our official Open-Sea Account.

Can I resell the physical with/without the NFT

After the physical piece is shipped to the owner of the NFT the owner has full rights to resell the physical over 3rd party resell sites be that with the NFT or without.

Are you hiring?

Currently there are no open positions but you can always contact us. lovro.ljutic@definition8.com

Artists & Brand Collaboration Opportunities.

Want to collaborate with us? Send us an email on lovro.ljutic[at]definition8[dot]com
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