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What is THE D-8.XYZ?

THE D-8.XYZ is a High-End Fashion and Collectibles brand connecting Augmented Reality, Web3 & Fashion into a perfect storm of creativity.

Physical / Digital?

Some of our pieces can be forged to the physical copy while some of the pieces are purely digital. Both enabling and pursuit a concept of complete self-expression.

Augmented Reality on physical?

Physical pieces have an AR attached to the main design enabling users to explore the world of creativity and enhance the fashion experience through the immersive worlds.


Every piece is created as an NFT and that NFT can either be forged to physical copy or used within the metaverse and / or Augmented Reality worlds.

Custom Orders

Users are able to purchase 1 / 1 Custom pieces which are then minted on the Ethereum Mainnet.

Who are we when we can be anybody?