This roadmap outlines the goals of the company in the future and what we want to achieve by being one the first brands AR / NFT based phygital brands on the market.

.1 Launch of The Metafashion Collection

The Metafashion collection is our first drop we will be launching during the Q4 of 2021. Goal is to provide the best experience for the customers, manage the physical production and packaging of the clothing as well as create an amazing community of people around the next-generation of streetwear.

.2 Artists / Brand Collaborations.

As a streetwear brand lurking in the metaverse our efforts will go into partnerships with different artists and brands from around the world. Creating collections and drops by collaboration and giving opportunities for artists to express themselves through our phygital fashion.

.3 Metaverse Fashion shows and more.

As a passionate artists and developers we are exploring the possibilities of taking fashion industry to another dimension. Creating Metaverse based fashion shows be that physically on locations of digital through Web3 and 5G Technologies.

.4 THE D-8.XYZ Future

We want to dive even deeper into the world of contemporary metaverse fashion. Delivering unbelievable experiences and value for our holders and bending the world of fashion through the phyiscal and digital.

Bringing the metaverse onto the streets of the physical world.

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